Extract from the second edition press release of

MIMAS: the Maximum. Oriented towards the historic in art, this second edition is confirmation that we are in the time of “secure” classics. The word among the gallery owners on the stands was unanimous: not so many people attending, but a very high ratio of the visitors are collectors, lightening the work of the exhibitors and generating a higher financial return.


The 20th century doc has made its way to MIMAS. A particularly “informal” second “edition”…here we see the trends of the moment in small “blocks”…Boldini’s “sophisticated ladies”, who monopolised the first event, have been set aside. This MIFAS looks more varied and mature…and freer to combine the never-to-be-forgotten works of Sironi and Morandi with the episodes of Italian experimentation in the aftermath of the Second World War.

Chiara Gatti, LA REPUBLICA

From the old to the modern – always carefully selected and guaranteed by the approval of the major Gallery owners, offering the Milanese public the best of the 20th century in terms of art and reproducing the visual split of the ideas, atmospheres and feelings of a complex and fascinating era through selected works of art in a spectacular format.

Domenico Montalto, AVVENIRE

Twentieth century masters are paraded in the “MIMAS” salon …the very high quality of the works on sale has called for painstaking screening by the scientific committee…the small scale of the location where the exhibition is held and the refined taste of its décor…(the flower arrangements have been created by Giorgio Armani) mean that MIMAS feels more like a drawing room than a market fair…a striking feature is a very fine bronze by Marino Marini…the sole example (in private hands: editor’s note) of the six existing in the world, which are housed in famous museums, including Montreal, Ottawa and Tokyo…


The avant garde and the experimental will not be found here, except of course the historic. The stress is on solid, recognised artists, the artists for which the collector or, more prosaically, the investor, can opt without risk…


…works by the most famous Italian artists of the 20th century…the signature of the greats on fine view…a high standard of quality representing all the most significant trends and movements of the 20th century, with pride of place given to historic masters and established contemporaries, who can count on their market…opportunities for a no-risk purchase… the avant-garde and experimenters are left in the shadows… rigorous vetting …strict selection…

Laura Torretta, IL SOLE 24 ORE

MIMAS: the past is reassurance of the future. At the Permanent exhibition is the “Salon” dedicated to modern “classics”. It is a fresh encounter with a small select group of exhibitors, all of them specialists in modern art. Among the new arrivals are the Galeria Barbié, of Barcelona and Madrid, two of its works being an oil painting on wood by Ives Tanguy, and “Femmes dans les maisons”, a work by Albert Gleizes. Another new entry, is the Milanese Studio Guastalla, represented by its 1945 bronze “Horse” by Marino Marini…two portraits by Modigliani…an early Gentilini painting…two works by Sironi…


The Milan International Modern Arts Show is a window on the art of today.


On 6 May 2004, at the palazzo of the Società per le Belle Arti ed Esposizione Permanente in Milan, the second edition of the Milan International Modern Arts Show – MIMAS – will open. This will bring together a group of many selected galleries of modern and contemporary art from both inside and outside Italy, creating an event entirely dedicated to what has been created by the great masters of the 20th century in the fields of Painting, Sculpture and the Decorative Arts. The philosophy of MIMAS and its choices is rigorously directed towards the quality and authenticity of the works exhibited, which are guaranteed by painstaking selection on the part of an expert vetting committee and the impeccable nature of the services offered both to exhibitors and to visitors.


At MIMAS, a selection of international galleries is exhibiting works of the great masters of the Twentieth Century…the leading interpreters of the figurative and abstract streams of 20th century art…


…a special moment to enjoy the eternal works of art of the masters of the century that has only recently come to an end and those of the most established contemporary artists…the MIMAS…the most eminent gallery owners and international art publishers, all brought together in a single exhibition context…


From MIMAS to Miart. No, these are not secret codes; they are the names of two modern and contemporary art shows following one after another …over the present few days. In short, there is no peace for the collector….


…it is a prestigious stage setting that reflects the liveliness of a constantly changing market ... the prestige of the exhibitors, the value and fascination of the works and the acknowledge importance of the artists present: all these make the event the most interesting market place on the Milanese scene, the best possible combination of the cultural and economic power of Milan with the high quality of the art on offer…MIMAS is the last in the series under the distinctive title of “The Milano Spring Art Exhibitions”.