The international appointment with masters of modern and contemporary art is again confirmed at the Palazzo della Permanente. This is the last event in the programme “ The Milano Art Spring Exhibitions”.

“ The Milano Art Spring Exhibitions” , the project which unites the most important events in the cultural, artistic and mercantile Milanese panorama, presents from Thursday the 6th of May until Sunday the 9th, the second edition of “The MIMAS – The MILANO International MODERN ARTS SHOW”, the Italian event dedicated to contemporary and modern art.

Less than a month after “The MIFAS”, the traditional and exclusive springtime appointment with the antiques show,
Artmediainternational confirms its role as an attentive, rigorous and dynamic “cultural motor” presenting “The MIMAS”, the exhibition-fair of modern art. This event, which began only last year, then had twenty-three carefully selected exhibitors and - in just the evening opening - 3382 visitors, including connoisseurs, collectors, observers and representatives of private and public museums, came.

“The MIMAS”, together with the International Rare Book Fair (Palazzo della Permanente, March) and the “The MIFAS” (Palazzo della Permanente, April), concludes for this year the series of distinguished events of “The Milano Art Spring Exhbitions”. This is an economic and cultural programme created by Artmediainternational aimed at presenting Milan as the ideal seat for high level meetings and exchanges through the promotion of artistic events on an international scale.

Again this year, national and international galleries, all important and carefully chosen for showing at
“The MIMAS”, will exhibit notable works, all expressive of the most important movements of the twentieth century.
And again this year, the “great” of the last century will be in the spotlight. In fact, the philosophy of the exhibition emphasises the best known and most secure artists and deliberately puts aside those of avant garde or experimental movements, to guarantee tranquillity and security to the buyers. So, painting and sculpture, of course, but also works which are part of movements attentive to new techniques and new use of materials as well as the best expressions of the twentieth century in the decorative arts: ceramics, glass, furniture, textiles, silver and jewellery.

In the panorama of exhibitors this year, there are prestigious new arrivals offering to both specialists and the public at large new, and at times, unique chances to admire some of the most brilliant interpreters of modern and contemporary art. Therefore, during the four days that “The MIMAS” will be open, we will be able to admire, among many other important works, an oil on wood (1927) by Yves Tanguy (1900-1955), a member of André Breton’s Surrealist group, and “Femmes dans les maisons”, a work of 1920 by Albert Gliezes (1881-1953), an artist of the “Group del Bateau-Lavoir”-- the name of Picasso’s house in Paris, where the first Cubist movement was formulated, both paintings presented by Galeria Barbié of Barcelona and Madrid.

Another gallery exhibiting for the first time is Studio Guastalla in Milan. Among its prestigious offerings are a bronze
Horse (1945) by Marino Marini, the only one of six casts still in private hands (the other five are all in museums abroad) and two portraits by Amedeo Modigliani, one of Béatrice Hastings (the English poetess with whom Modigliani lived before meeting Jeanne Hébuterne), the other of Maurice de Vlamink. These are works of the highest importance because of both the sitters and the critical history of the pictures. Further, there is a work by Franco Gentilini, a rare example of the period in which the influence of Piero della Francesco and of the Italian Quattrocento was strongly felt as well as two works by Mario Sironi. One is a picture which represents, in a certain sense, a compendium of his classic themes: urban outskirts, figures with archaizing profiles, landscapes with mountains and rocks, warships. The second is a drawing of a city scene from the 1920s and it shows all the elements typical of Sironi in those years: the tram tracks that dart by, the woman-manikin in a geometrical dress, the industrial buildings with their smoke stacks in the background.

On the other hand, an historical Milanese gallery, Claudia Gian Ferrari, returns to “The MIMAS” and presents again this year brilliant works such as – among others—“Untitled” (1992), tempera on a plaster cast and light bulb ???? by Claudio Parmiggiani, a friend and pupil of Giorgio Morandi and a world-famous exponent of conceptual art, or “Gemma:Girl About Town” (oil on canvas) of 1999, by Martin Maloney, an important member of the new generation of English artists or Ostuni, ( 1963) by Angelo Filomeno, a work first shown in OFFICINA AMERICA, presented last year by Renato Barilli, and part of a movement interested in the artisan element of artistic creation.

As is the case for “The MIFAS”, before the exhibition, the works in each of the various sectors of “The MIMAS” are examined by a Committee of art historians, scholars, academics, conservators and recognised experts. They guarantee not only the authenticity and period of the work in question, but also the accuracy of its description and its highest quality. In fact, as it is always with Artmediainternational, the vetting for “The MIMAS” is severe and, by this rigorous selection, both the prestige and the seriousness of the exhibition are strengthened for both the buyers and the exhibitors.